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The Mom Connection


Psst! Have you heard about The Mom Connection? We’re a tribe of strong, silly, supportive, vulnerable, and empowered moms. 


Perfectionism? A lie. Mom-shaming? Not here. We created our community to help mothers forge meaningful relationships, share ideas and product recommendations, and access handy resources. It’s a place where you can be unapologetically real and free from judgment.


At The Mom Connection, we live by the philosophy,


Empathy - Motivate - Praise - Oneness - Worthy - Encouragement - Respect


Driven by the ethos of building a genuine, supportive community, we created E.M.P.O.W.E.R. as a reminder of the values we embrace. The ability to exercise empathy with others – to care about their well-being, to feel with them, and to act with compassion – is central to our mission. Motivate and Praise are integral to establishing an environment rooted in uplifting and positive experiences. 


Oneness is all about coming together as a single, unified voice. Worthy is our little way of giving you a virtual nudge and wink to remind you that you’re deserving, irreplaceable, and appreciated. We thought following this sentiment with Encouragement was a great way to promote our message of being a support system for one another. And last, we believe in Respecting one another. We may all be traveling different paths, but it’s important to appreciate each individual journey. 

We’re your squad of supporters when you need a 5-minute reprieve from the kids (a.k.a. the bathroom getaway), or the delicious laughter to revive your spirits after a crappy day at work. We’re the group of moms who encourage diversity and individuality – even if that means embracing your infatuation with cat videos. We welcome all the wild strokes of color that swirl together to create YOU – one masterful piece of art. 


Oh, and let us be 100% transparent – we are super casual. We’re talking pajamas, hair tangled in a messy attempt at a bun, folding laundry, cooking dinner, sprawled on the couch, helping the kids with school work – wherever you are, whenever you need us, all you have to do is show up. No filter required. 


So, bring your giant coffee mug, your insecurities, your goals, that third chocolate-chip cookie you swore you weren’t going to eat, and any questions on your mind. Because let’s face it, moms have the power to effect change and spread more love in the world. Sometimes all we need is a little reminder to show our minds and bodies the self-love they deserve. 


Celebrate Motherhood. Forge Joyful Connections. Find Your Tribe at The Mom Connection.

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